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Green Bean Delivery!


Who’s up for a cooking challenge? Last week the folks at Green Bean Delivery kindly sent us a sample delivery so we could see how their process works. Green Bean delivers fresh goods to homes across Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri. The orders are customizable, but they also offer set bin sizes. We received the standard Small Produce Bin, which comes pre-loaded with a mixture of fruits and veggies. You can modify your order to include other vegetables, fruits, beans, meats, even finished products like coffee, falafel, roasted nuts, Sriracha, and more. They conveniently label goods that are organically or sustainably grown, and they identify the origins by region or country.


You can set up a one-time or a recurring order through their website, picking and choosing from over 40 different items of fresh produce. This is the breakdown of our Small Produce Bin.


Deliveries are dropped off at your home. You’re given a set day of the week and a window of a few hours during which it will arrive. The bright green bin is lined with styrofoam and includes a coldpack, so your food arrives fresh and cool.


Here’s the bounty from our delivery. Now, I look at this and I’m intimidated, but Mrs. Breakfast With Nick looks at it and sees a challenge. Over the next series of posts, she’ll be sharing some of the things we’ve made from the delivery. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Here are some of Mrs. Breakfast With Nick’s creations using our Green Bean Delivery!

Tomato and Asparagus Quiche

Kale Salad

Eggs, Potatoes, and Toast

BLTs and Brussels Sprouts

Sammy’s New York Bagels | Columbus, OH

sammys3Sammy’s New York Bagels
Free home delivery 7 days a week
Available in the greater Columbus area
Order at (614) 252-1551 or online at

Ever since our trip to New York, we’ve been craving good bagels, and we’re lucky that you can certainly find them in town. Columbus’ two biggest suppliers are Block’s Bagels and Sammy’s, both baking New York-style bagels. Block’s and Sammy’s are such big wholesalers that chances are you’ve had their wares: Cup O Joe, Backstage Bistro, many of Ohio State campus eateries, plus plenty more, all serve locally made bagels. One big bonus about Sammy’s is that in addition to their wholesaling, they also offer home (or office) delivery.


The ordering process is quick and easy. The minimum order is $9.99 (or a dozen bagels). Bagels are $.83 a piece, and you can also order cream cheese spreads, muffins, danishes, challah, turnovers, even lox, egg salad, and tuna salad. You can mix and match your bagel order, and every dozen earns you a free bagel.


We ordered a baker’s dozen plus some scallion cream cheese. At the order screen, you’re just entering your address, phone number, and delivery date. Since this was my first order, they didn’t have a credit card on file. A Sammy’s employee called within a couple hours to confirm the order and collect payment. I initially left instructions for them to knock on the door, so I could get the bagels right away, but she advised against it because they deliver between 4-7 a.m.! You can schedule a date for delivery far out into the future; orders have to be in by 3 p.m. for next day delivery (by 3 p.m. on Friday if you want weekend delivery).


I don’t know when our bagels arrived; we certainly didn’t hear them drop it off. But it was a delight to wake up to a bag of bagels on the front porch in the morning! The bagels were triple bagged: smaller plastic bags containing the goods, all packaged together in a paper bag with our order stapled to the side, and then altogether wrapped in a bigger plastic bag to keep it dry.


Here’s the first peek inside our bag.


Different bagels are bundled separately: the everything bagels all went together (standard practice). Egg bagels were together. Cinnamon were together. Then the sesame, sundried tomato, and honey sesame came together.


Bags of bagels! I can’t stop saying it!

IMG_1629  IMG_1655

We’re still working our way through them, but so far we’ve liked all of them. The sundried tomato taste fairly similar to the everything, but they’re so loaded with seasonings that I’m not suprised. I liked the cinnamon sugar topping on the cinnamon bagels, and I’m always a fan of a good sesame bagel. The ease of ordering and delivery may make Sammy’s Bagels a household staple; this will be particularly handy when we’ve got family visiting. Just place an order the day before, and have fresh bagels for everyone in the morning!


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