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Leslie: “Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?”
Ron: “People are idiots, Leslie.”
Parks and Recreation

Michael: “What have we always said is the most important thing?”
George Michael: “Breakfast.”
Michael: “Family.”
George Michael: “Oh, right. Family. I thought you meant of the things you eat.”
Arrested Development

Hi, my name’s Nick. You can me Dr. Breakfast.

In case you couldn’t tell, breakfast is my favorite meal. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. I started this blog in 2007; through it, I track down breakfast all over my city of Columbus, Ohio and anywhere I travel, capturing the places we’ve visited through reviews and photos, plus occasional videos and recipes.

But here are some of the reasons I really love breakfast:

  • In general, I like food and eating it
  • I’m one of those morning people
  • You can eat it whenever: breakfast, brunch, brinner, brlate night snack
  • Breakfast can be solidly traditional or endlessly innovative
  • It features a wide range of foods: sweet and savory, light and heavy, fruits and meats, dairy and starches, vegetables and proteins
  • It can be as fancy or as down-home as you like
  • It’s a collective meal. You almost always go to breakfast with someone: you meet them for breakfast, you have breakfast with the family.
  • It’s widely considered the most important meal of the day

In addition to this blog, I’ve written about food and restaurants for Columbus Crave, (614) Magazine, PC World Magazine, and guest blogs like Experience Columbus, Daily Crave, and Drink Up Columbus. In 2010 I appeared in the PBS documentary Breakfast Special, talking about Columbus breakfast places. Finally, I published my breakfast guidebook Breakfast With Nick: Columbus in November 2011. And I’m still going strong.

Columbus is also a very supportive community, especially in the food, blog, and media worlds, and my book and blog have been featured in the Columbus Dispatch, Columbus Alive, Columbus Crave, (614) Magazine, Mix 107.9, Good Day Columbus, 10TV, WOSU, WCBE Foodcast, Ascent, and The Lantern.

I don’t just sit around and eat breakfast all the time. In fact, I have a day job.

Other things I do and enjoy:

  • Being a husband to an amazing woman and father to two wonderful boys
  • Teaching history, literature, and performance at the college level
  • Advocating for the arts (particularly with the arts company I co-founded, Wild Goose Creative)
  • Craft beer & bourbon
  • Pipe smoking
  • Watching trains and airplanes
  • Flying kites
  • Playwriting and sketch comedy writing
  • Percussion
  • The city of Columbus, Ohio
  • Small town post offices

This blog features my travels and thoughts on where I eat breakfast. Please remember that all opinions are my own, and all text and photography are copyright me (unless otherwise noted). Please do not use them without my express permission. If you’d like to contact me about using my photos or working with me, please contact me here.

I’m a pretty forgiving when it comes to food. I tend to like a lot of things. So if you’re looking for a site with biting and vicious restaurant reviews, I’m not your guy. I’m honest about what I experience and what I like and dislike, but my approach is much more descriptive: “here’s-what-I-saw-what-do-you-think-about-it?”

I also don’t have any formal culinary training (although I learned to make a mean scrambled egg at an early age). Any skill that I have has been self-taught or learned through friends and family. My experience is built from seven years of telling stories about food, restaurants, and their owners. In other words, I’ve eaten a crap-ton of eggs and bacon, and I know what’s good and what’s not.

In November 2011 I published my first book, Breakfast With Nick: Columbus. The book is a complete guide to all of the unique, local, hard-to-find, mom-and-pop breakfast, brunch, coffee, and donut places in and around Columbus. Photography and design are by Genre Creative. To learn more about the book, or to find a copy, head here.

If you want to learn more about the places I’ve been, you can peruse the list of reviews or check out some of my articles or other media. You can read about my ideal breakfast, if I could bring together all of my best experiences at once.

If you want to connect with me via social media, here’s where to find me:

The great thing about breakfast is that every town, no matter how large or small, has at least one place that makes everyone say, “You need to visit _______ and try the _______.” If you’ve got one of those places, please e-mail me about it!

Thanks for visiting, and happy breakfasting!

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  1. You need to try Hella’s in Shawnee Hills (Dublin). It’s on Dublin Road just north of Glick Road. Their breakfast is wonderful. Ranks right up there with Starliner Diner – which is one of my favorite Columbus area breakfast places!

  2. Hi Nick,
    Thanks for sharing your background here. I had no idea you co-founded Wild Goose Creative! I’ve heard good things about that place. Is your Breakfast book a coffee table type of book?

  3. You still need to try the breakfast burrito from Tatoheads Food Truck which will be three years old this September. Additionally you should come to our restaurant, Tatoheads Public House and try our Pork Belly Omelette served with tater tots and a small salad.

  4. Breakfast Burrito from Tatoheads Food Truck. Additionally, we have an awesome pork belly omelette at our new place Tatoheads Public House


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