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Photos: Latitude 41’s new fall menu

Last week, the Mrs. and I were invited to sample Latitude 41’s new fall menu. The night was hosted by Chef Michael Koenig, who took over as executive chef a few months back.

We started with appetizers of bacon popcorn. Popcorn = yes. Bacon = very yes.

We also started with an assortment of jams, butters, and pates, most notably the maple butter (made with Snowville cream) and the bacon butter.

Plus olives and bread.

Chef Michael also treated us to some of his lamb bacon, made with Bluescreek lamb and seasoned with cumin, nutmeg, cayenne, cinnamon, and maple syrup. Very, very delicious.

He then served us a hearty banana squash soup.

He brought out a banana squash, just to show us its size. A banana squash that size yields about a gallon of liquid, enough to allow him to make the soup without adding any cream.

The meal was complemented by a wine tasting, ranging from a bright pinot grigio to a much richer and heavier sirah and a pinot noir.

The salad – very light and sweet – is topped with apples, feta, hazelnuts, and a lemon honey vinaigrette.

Of the entrees, we tried the veal osso bucco with baby root veggies on a bed of polenta.

Our favorite of the night was a pair of seared scallops on a saffron risotto.

We finished the meal with a little trio of desserts, from a tiny red wine truffle to an apple rum bread pudding, and the real stand-out: a PB&J pot de creme. I’ll never look at PB&J sandwiches the same again.

As a parting gift, Chef Michael shared some of his homemade sauces: a limoncello and a caramel sauce made with Watershed bourbon.

All in all, it was a delightful meal for both the food and the company. Chef Michael is continuing Latitude 41’s streak of producing innovate and surprising food.

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  1. Everything looks great. One question – what was the flavor in the squash soup? I recently had some squash soup in Atlanta and they used curry as a spice and it was excellent.


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