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Last six days for Kickstarter pre-sale!

Hey, folks! We are entering the last phase of our Kickstarter project to fund the first printing of the breakfast book. I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has backed the project so far. We’ve hit our initial goal of $3000, which is a big step in getting the book made.

Here’s the deal… we still have six days left in the project, and we could use help in getting as many pre-orders as possible. The more we can get, the bigger first printing we can order, which would allow us to get more books in stores and in the hands of customers. Please help us spread the word about the book’s pre-sale. Mention it on Facebook, plug it on Twitter, e-mail folks a link to Kickstarter (ahem,, encourage friends and neighbors to order it. Remember that everyone who orders a copy through Kickstarter will get a special thanks in the book (in addition to their copy, of course!).

I know I’m biased, but trust me, the book is going to be amazing. We’ve glimpsed some of the first pages laid out by Robin, and the photos and design are stunning. It’ll be a fun book to read, explore, and just plain look at. We’ve also been slowly building a list of restaurants and stores that will carry the book; we’re excited to announce that soon.

Thanks for joining us on this journey, and happy breakfasting!

Photos: the renovated Honey Dip Donuts & Diner

Fans of the Kenny Road institution Honey Dip Donuts will know that it closed in early June for renovation. After about two months out of commission, they recently re-opened as the Honey Dip Donuts & Diner.

The new layout has lost maybe some of that old-school, outdated donut shop charm, but the new version re-captures most of it, and offers some bonuses. First, is the expanded seating areas.

In addition to the long counter, there are more two- or four-top tables.

The space is also overall brighter. Big windows, lots of new lighting. And there’s still the long, low counter with the little stools, where you can hang out with a donut and a cup of coffee.

You can also see into the kitchen. That offers more of the classic diner experience, allowing you to hear the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and see the cooks set your order up in the window.

One of the biggest changes is the addition of breakfast and lunch to the menu (this is very exciting news for a breakfast blogger). Now, while sampling a donut or two, you can also enjoy eggs and home fries, omelets, pancakes, French toast, and breakfast sandwiches.

Of course, there are still all the classic donuts. That certainly didn’t change. There’s one giant shelf up top, plus the smaller display case below. Out of respect, I didn’t take a picture of top shelves; we visited late in the day and they were mighty picked over.

I’m curious to know what others think of the new space! I hope to get in and try the breakfast soon. I’ll certainly post pictures when I do.

Sloopy’s Diner | Columbus, OH

Sloopy’s Diner
1739 N. High St., in the Ohio Union (map it!)
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 292-7000
Accepts cash, credit/debit, and BuckID
Vegetarian/vegan/gluten free? Y/N/N
Kid-friendly? Y
Date of Visit: Friday, August 5, 2011 at 9:00 a.m.
IMPRESSIONS: Anyone who attends or works at Ohio State is familiar with construction on campus. We live with road closures and new buildings, but we also enjoy the fruits of all that labor. Cases in point: our beautiful renovated library, and our massive new Ohio Union. And a bonus that came with the Union: the designers wisely placed a diner in it.
ATMOSPHERE: Because Sloopy’s is, after all, situated on the campus of THE Ohio State University, you can expect very heavy Buckeye themes. Tile floors, plates, lighting fixtures, booths, signs, countertops, everything is decorated in scarlet and gray. It’s very fitting for a diner, actually.
If you go at mealtimes, especially during the school year, you’re bound to find crowds of students. However, the diner provides a wealth of seating, with two levels of booths, tables, and a looooong row of counter seats. For a diner, it’s pretty spacious.
You also get a big view of the kitchen, so Sloopy’s may not have that crammed-next-to-your-neighbor charm that smaller places like Nancy’s or Jack & Benny’s boast, but it still gives you enough of the diner flare.
FOOD: We started off with some coffee. Notice the checkered scarlet and gray around the cups and plates. Coffee was good diner coffee; bonus points for bringing out a mug of cream automatically.
We had heard tell of their popular cinnamon rolls, too, so we sampled one. It was pretty warm and soft. Definite cream cheese taste in the frosting. Not the best cinnamon roll ever, but I can see why people go for them. It works well as an appetizer for a group.
I haven’t seen too many breakfast sliders on menus, so we had to try one of these, too. It’s essentially a small breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs and a sausage patty, but then it’s topped with crispy onions and a dash of barbeque sauce. This could make an easy light breakfast (or another appetizer). The ingredients came together well: the onions and a little bit of zest from the sauce sold it.
I ordered the smothered breakfast burrito: a flour tortilla packed with eggs, cheddar, chorizo, black beans, and salsa. I’m a sucker for a good burrito. This wasn’t the most dynamic, but it certainly tasted good and was filling. The chorizo and salsa were pretty flavorful, and you can’t argue with eggs and cheese. Came with a side of nice crispy hash browns.
Here’s the overhead artsy shot of my burrito.
And here’s the No Veggies Here omelet, loaded with bacon, sausage, ham, turkey, and cheese, then covered with black beans, avocado, and more cheese. We chose the side of hash browns. Like the burrito, the dish was delicious and portions were student-sized. You’ll certainly get your fill at Sloopy’s. It’s a wonderful combination of diner + student cafeteria, which means you’ll get a lot of comfort food.
SERVICE: Sloopy’s fully embraces the 1950’s diner theme. The menu is shaped like a record, and you’re of course treated to lots of 50’s rock music while you eat. Although the servers don’t come to your table on roller skates, you’re still treated well. Our service was great: very friendly and welcoming, able to suggest menu items and tell us about the restaurant.

Breakfast book pre-sale has begun!

Hello, everyone! The breakfast book is now on pre-sale through Kickstarter! For those who don’t know it, Kickstarter is a website designed to help fund creative projects. I’ve been part of projects that have had great success through it in the past, so we decided to use it for the book. Essentially, by “backing” the project, you are pre-ordering the book for its November 5th release.

You can find the project page HERE. It runs through October 4 at 11:59, so please consider pre-ordering soon!

For the “official” website for the book, follow the page in the menu bar above: If you forget the URL, remember that leads there, too.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with the project so far! Please help us reach these final steps.



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