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Foodie Cart | Columbus, OH

[UPDATE: Foodie Cart is now closed.]

Foodie Cart
Columbus, OH
(614) 824-0759
Follow their Facebook page or Twitter feed for current location and hours

Date of Visit: Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 10:45 a.m.

: The Foodie Cart has been serving up Japanese-style crepes out of a New York City-style food cart since June of this year. This was my first visit (shame on me!) to the cart. Finally prompted by their Facebook posts about trying a breakfast menu, I ventured out to see the breakfast crepes.

: The menu featured five crepes – four savory and one sweet. These were the features the day I visited:
– teriyaki steak and eggs
– Genoa salami, egg, and mozzarella
– spinach porcini quiche
– miso-jalapeno hash brown
– Greek yogurt with mixed berries and pecan granola

The miso-jalapeno hash was sold out by the time I arrived. They also served a miso soup and a grapefruit gelatin cup. Keep in mind that this was their first try at breakfast, and that some of these items were adaptations from their lunch/dinner menus. So things may change if they continue doing breakfast. They started serving around 9:30 a.m., which is a little late for some for breakfast, but these crepes are good any time.

Crepes make for great street food because they’re always interesting to watch while in-progress. Here they’re spreading the eggs. The eggs cook well enough by the heat coming through the crepe.

Misako also has a certain flair for the crepe making.

The finished product, pre-bite…

…and post-bite. I opted for the teriyaki steak and eggs. Came with a homemade mayo. All of it was simply delicious. A bit drippy for street food, but tasty nonetheless.

: If business seems a bit harried at the Foodie Cart, cut them some slack. The lines are long – which is a good thing – and crepes can only be made one at a time. But the crepes are delicious, and already have a steady crowd following them around town. So while you’re in line, relax. Get your picture taken (you might show up on Facebook). Take pictures yourself. Chat with folks in line. It’s all part of the experience!

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I love breakfast. So I eat it a lot, & write about it. In my city of Columbus, Ohio & wherever I travel, I'm out to find & enjoy all the breakfasts out there.

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  1. They were great today. It was my first time and my boyfriend and I showed up right before they opened so I got to try the japapeno hash and egg. Next time, you should come early and try it. It's really amazing! Wasn't drippy at all for me. I know my boyfriend got what you got and his was also quite drippy, but I had no problem.

  2. I had a dessert crepe from foodie cart a month or so ago. It was fantastic! I think almost everything was handmade. I can't wait for my next visit.


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